What is a VOIP, Explain and describe how it works?

Understanding VoIP (Voice over Internet Protocol)

voice over Internet Protocol is a technology that makes the internet media to be ableto do long distance voice communications directly. Analog voice signals, like the ones you hear when communicating on the telephone is converted to digital data and sentover the network in the form of data packets in real time.

In the communication the user through VoIP, phone connections through a terminalor PC in the form of a regular phone. With the call using VoIP, many advantages that can be taken in terms of the cost of them is clearly cheaper than traditional phone rates, since the IP network is global. So for a relationship Internasionaldapat pressedup to 70%. In addition, the cost of maintenance can be pressed due to data voicedannetworkterpisah, so that the IP phones can be added, removed and changed. This is because VoIP can be mounted on any ethernet and IP address, unlike conventional phone that must have its own port in Central or PBX (Private branch exchange).

Working principles of VoIP is changing the analog sound of the speakers on the computer into a digital packet data from the PC, then relayed through theHub/Router/ADSL Modem is transmitted via the internet and will be received by the destination through the same medium. Or it could be through media phoneforwarded to a phone adapter that is connected to the internet and can be received by the destination phone.

For delivery of a signal to the remote destination can be done digitally, i.e. before thedata is sent in the form of an analog signal is converted to digital data form with theADC (Analog to Digital Converter), then transmitted, and recipient of the recovereddata into analog with a DAC (Digital to Analog Converter). So also with VoIP,digitalization of voice in the form of data packets, transmitted and revert back in the form of voice in the receiver. Digital format more easily dikendaika, in this case can becompressed, and can be changed to a better format and digital data more resistant tonoise than analog.
What is a VOIP
The simplest form of VoIP systems are two computers connected to the internet. The basic conditions for conducting VoIP connections is a computer connected to the internet, has a sound card that is connected to the speaker and microphone. With the support of special software, both the user's computer can be connected in a VoIPconnection to each other. These relationships form could be in the form of an exchange of files, sounds, pictures. The main emphasis in VoIP is the relationship bothin the form of sound.

On the development of VoIP connections, the system evolved. Form of any equipmentis growing, not only in the shape of computers that are interconnected, but other equipment such as ordinary phone connected to a VoIP network. Digital data networkwith gateway for VoIP allows dealing with PABX or analog phone network ever.Communications between computers by plane (extension) in the Office is possible.Form of communication not just voice only. Can-shaped posts (chat) or if its big enough can be used for Video conferencing. In the form of a further communication is more known for its IP Telephony which is a form of multimedia communication as a continuation form komunkasi voice (VoIP). The flexibility of VoIP in the form ofnetworks, equipment and communication media to make VoIP become quicklypopular in the public.

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