What is Landline ?

Landline is the physical connection between two devices. The term most commonlyused to refer to this phone and set it apart from the cordless phone, which transmits the signal through a series of relay towers. Mobile phones have more calls from home phone and more popular in many countries, but there are some unique benefits froma landline allows this technology will continue to be used and not really disappeared.

The main weakness of the landline phone is that it must connect to a physical cable tobe used. The phone must also be connected to the phone jack on the wall in order toconnect with the larger system of wires and relay which is controlled by the telephone company. The signals are sent to and from your phone via cable, although somephone companies also make use of relay towers to transmit data.

The fact that the signal transmitted through a physical cable will also make landlinemore secure. Conversations and data sent via the landline will be private unless someone has access to cable, and being able to choose the signal from the phone is uniquely. Data can be secured through encryption by more, as is the case with mobile phones used by senior government officials and the intelligence apparatus.Consumers may have noticed that the credit card companies ask customers calling from home phone to ensure that the data requested by the credit card companies stay safe.

Signals on the ground also tend to be more powerful than a cordless phone. In areas where wireless services are scarce or nonexistent, many people prefer to use a landlinephone. In some countries, it is still considered a landline phone for your home orbusiness, and people can exchange some phone numbers with each other tocommunication did wrong. People who have mobile services evenly can tell people to call back in a telephone landline to continue the conversation.

While the weakness of the landline for example is that needs to be physicallyconnected to the cable makes it much more flexible than a cell phone. In addition, a telephone landline connecting cables must be installed and maintained. In some countries, poverty drives people to pick up the phone lines to get the precious metalsthey contain to the detriment of the telecommunications company. Therefore, some companies have massively opted to switch to a wireless network so that people canstay in touch.

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